Whistleblowing Hotlines

Internal controls may not always be sufficient to contain a high occurrence of fraud and therefore Whistleblowing hotline constitute a proven tool for anti-fraud work. A Whistleblowing hotline allows our clients to uncover problems early and address them before they get worse. A whistleblower is as much a compliance tool as one of the most effective early detection tools on issues related to fraud, embezzlement, harassment, theft, corruption, collusion and nepotism. A Whistleblowing hotline must be managed by an experienced third party in order to protect confidentiality and to ensure professional follow-up and reporting.

Design of the Whistleblowing hotline

Our consultants analyse our client’s requirement to design the relevant Whistleblowing hotline programme. The hotlines can be organized through automated or live phone lines or through an online website. The incident reporting methods are designed based on client’s requirements.

Communication program

Our consultants assist our clients with the communication campaign on the program at its launch but also on a periodic basis. Communication is crucial to ensure the targeted public of the Whistleblowing hotline be informed of its existence and purposes. The ethics and compliance program underlying the Whistleblowing hotline requires active promotion activities to the employees, suppliers and vendors.

Management of the Whistleblowing hotline

An experienced team of investigators interacts over the phone, the internet and in some cases physically with the whistleblowers in order to develop the information and determine the validity of the testimony. Based on pre-approved incident reporting procedures, our investigators report to our client and in addition develop relevant analytics.

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